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Moseanic, a new sustainable terrazzo material


The idea of Moseanic, a new sustainable material was born in the summer of 2019 on the island of Crete. While enjoying her holidays, Lučka has discovered that every “paradise like” remote cretan beach she has visited, is polluted with micro and macro plastic. She has been a part of a team organising clean up actions which for sure are important and necessary, but she decided she wants to approach the problem also by developing a design driven solution.


Through Worth platform she met Agi Gob, a hungarian product designer who joined the Moseanic team and enriched it with her design expertise, open mindness and great ideas. That is how Moseanic Partnership was born.

Since then we have been working on our common project which tackles many challenges.


The first one is developing a methodology for collecting waste ocean macro plastics found on the beaches, hidden in the sand, between rocks, etc, working with environmental NGOs and local communities.

The second problem is finding a way to reuse the plastic that has been damaged by the sea, sun and salt.

The third is a logical continuation of the previous two. Since we are developing a material which is translucent, decorative and environment friendly, we decided to design an object that would show the properties of the material at its best light. Since we are both very sensitive about the lighting in our interiors, we decided to design a lamp which is not only decorative and eye-catching but also provides high quality light with positive effect at people's wellbeing and overall atmosphere in the indoors life.


In the future months we are planning to proceed with the development of the lamp, technology and the material, we already have the third version of prototype ready and we are developing and improving it.

Our goal is to deepen our collaboration with the environmental organisations and provide them with a solution for the challenge of what to do with the materials they collect at the clean up events.

At the same time we strive to create a sustainable product with a transparent production line that will provide high quality light to the end user. We are also planning to grow a community in which we would share our knowledge about the importance and impact that light has on our wellbeing and health.

We are open for collaboration and any other forms of creating. For more info about our current projects, please go to www.moseanic.com.