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Lighting design tips for your bathroom

Lighting design tips for your bathroom

Source of the featured image: http://www.home-designing.com/modern-bathroom-interior-design-ideas-inspiration-photos-tips-accessories, visualizer: Maria Papko

Many times we forget how important light is in the bathroom. In the past (well, at least in Slovenia) it was normal to put some pastel tiles with flowers and/or some kind of soft patterns from bottom up till the ceiling. Above the sink there was a simple mirror and above it a matt halogene lamp. For sure today things are different, tiles and other accesories for bathrooms are amazing and just with a pinch of creativity and design feeling, we can create beautiful atmosphere. But anyway … we do not spend so much time in the bathroom as we do in the kitchen or living room. So it seems that in regard to lighting sometimes we just put “something” in the bathroom, not being very conscious about the functions and estetics of the lighting. Many times we are also limited with the caracteristics of the space so we focus more on the setting bathroom elements and ceramics at the right places. And at the same time we forget thinking about the lighitng design in our bathroom.

So, I hope thise few tips will help you and give you an idea how to think about your bathroom so you will end up with a mirror light that will provide you enough light for doing a nice make up or a precise beard shave.

1. While we plan and design the space, we think also about the electricity wireing

Where will we need a strong, more direct lighting, how will we attach those features, where should we have sockets? It is wise to think about this things ahead.

2. Think in layers (general, task and accent lighting)

Rule of layered light should be used also in the bathroom. It means that we use different types of lighting features regarding the needs and activities that will take place in the room.

3. Mirror lighting

When we want to lit up our face nicely, we should avoid using overhead lights. Instead we use lighting features that can be installed approximatly in the hight of your eyes at both sides of the mirror. The light source should be a sconces or a pendant (with fabric/plastic/mat glass shades – to diffuse and equaly spread light). By doing so we avoid the unflattering shades which we face when using an overhead light source.

Shades on the face


4. General lighting layer

It is recommended to use a neutral temperature of light source (3500 K). It gives us a nice overview of the space while we are cleaning, organising, searching for sth … For general lighting we can also use spotlight type of lighting which we can direct wherever we want. Another useful and elegant general light feature are recessed lights.

5. Accent lighting

Decorative lights in the bathroom – why not? Place some soft LED lights under a sweet shelf with some accessories, lit an art work, interesting detail … we can achieve a very pleasant look also with mounting a mirror with backlight or some simple LED stripes. Possibilities are boundless!

6. Ask an expert

There are more and more shops and boutiques with bathroom equipment where you can get some useful architetural advice and insight. Why not asking for a a second oppinion someone who deals with bathrooms on a daily bases? I was amazed by the knowlege and professionalisem I experienced at Vistra butik, Groblje, Slovenia. So, if you happen to be in Slovenia, dealing with bathroom renovation I warmly recommend visiting their boutique. And you can also see one chandelier I made especially for a box with amazing Ergo sink from Ceramica Galassia. Woop wooop! 🙂

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