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In 2012 I finished Art Teaching studies where I have faced many creative challenges in different fields of visual arts also teaching. After the studies I spent first few years working as an art teacher in a primary school.

The first lamp was more or less a coincidence and a result of my specific taste in lighting design. 🙂 I could not find any outstanding lamp in the shops and that is why I decided to create one on my own. So I found some scrap material, a hammer and a chisel, went to the balcony and within a few sunny winter days I created my first lamp. Slowly I changed the workplace, got some new tools, materials and knowledge. And that is how the story of LB lamps was born.

Due to its characteristics air concrete still plays an important role in my work, but I am also working with many new materials which help me develop new products and features.




Inspired by natural shapes and textures, each lamp is made by hand and it tells a story; the asperities and irregularities are what give the unique touch to simple things and create products impossible to imitate in mass production.

Every detail of our collection is hand selected, carefully considered and brought to life.

We believe that handmade products bring unique energy and message to your living spaces. They indirectly speak about your consciousness and support of sustainability and local production.

With our work and creation we would like to increase the awareness about importance of good design and meaning of light in our everyday life.

Visit us


Our small studio is situated in Domžale, 15 km from Ljubljana. This is where magic happens, from first sketch till the last screw. You are welcome to visit us and see our products in real life.
Just give me a call or write a message to:
info@luckabucka.com or +386 40 365 161

Looking forward meeting you!